Kenya Luxury Safaris Holidays
Kenya is the land of African superlatives. From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, to flamingo ringed soda lakes and the Indian Ocean coast, rolling savannah, vibrant tribes, shimmering desert and big-game wildlife, it simply has no match.

  3 Days Masai Mara Tour - This Safari will start off with a journey to the beautiful Masai Mara via the Great Rift Valley which offers spectacular views. On arrival at the Park we will spend our time in search of the wildlife that makes this one of Africa's premier safari destinations. The park is especially famous for its large cat population and also the fact that it plays an integral role in the Wildebeest Migration, a spectacular like none other on earth. Full Details
  4 Days Lake Nakuru - Masai Mara Tour - Masai Mara is a large game reserve measuring 1,510 kilometers square in south western Kenya, it is famous for its annual migration of zebra and wildebeest which occur from July to October hence known as the great migration while Lake Nakuru national park found in the Rift valley soda lakes, it is at an elevation of 1754 meters above the sea level, the park is famous for the big five and bird’s sanctuary. Full Details
  5 Days The Ark - Lake Nakuru - Masai Mara Tour - This safari takes you to three of the most popular wildlife destinations in Kenya. You will spend one night at Aberdare National Park, one night at Lake Nakuru national park, and two nights in Masai Mara national reserve. Each of these destinations has a unique safari experience, giving you a nice introduction to the Kenya safari product Full Details
   5 Days Masai Mara - Lake Nakuru National Park Tour - 5 days safari to the world famous Bird Sanctuary of Lake Nakuru, then South over the Mau Escarpment to Kenya's greatest concentration of game - the Maasai Mara- Kenya's most popular game park, with the possibility of seeing all the big five and many other species of game. This is where the great wildebeest migration is a spectacle to behold for any would be visitor to Kenya.Full Details
  6 Days Amboseli - Lake Nakuru  - Masai Mara Tour - 6 Days Kenya safari across the mountain high valley low - the vast contrasting national parks of Kenya offers the best game viewing with backdrops of lofty mountains and stunning lakes. wildlife lodge safari to Kenyans most popular park safari holiday. Adding to two memorable days at the game filled plains of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.Full Details
  6 Days Nairobi - Meru - Samburu - Aberdare Tour - It is considered the heart of the estern slope for its evergreen lands, hilly slopes and adorable weather, and has plenty of fruits, vegetables, and cereals. Meru town was formerly the home of Elsa, the lioness of George and Joy Adamson movie Born Free. Other National Park  located in equator: namely Samburu Game Reserve and Meru National Park.Full Details
  6 Days Tree Hotel - Mt Kenya Safari Club - Lake Nakuru - Masai Mara Tour - The Treetops overlooks two waterholes and a salt lick, both of which attract a great variety of animals. On clear days you can even see the snowy peaks of Mount Kenya. The lodge boasts two photographic hides at ground level - a great way to get up close shots of unsuspecting rhinos, elephants, bucks or even lions. It has 4 decks and a rooftop-viewing platform.Full Details
  7 Days Tree Hotel - Samburu - Lake Nakuru - Masai Mara Tour - Kenya, a superlative African land with highest wildlife concentrations, rolling savannahs, vibrant tribes, the Indian Ocean Coastlines, snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, bewildering choices of camps and lodges, has no match. East African Exotic Safaris offers a wide set of lodges and camps to experience the serene setting of nature and wildlife.Full Details
  8  Days Tsavo East - Nairobi - Masai Mara - Lake Naivasha - Amboseli Safari - A great journey across Kenya taking in the highlights and some of the Africa’s best game viewing. This safari has been long time favorite with safari enthusiasts. With all the inclusions, sightseeing and game viewing this great Kenya safari is excellent value for money.Full Details